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Offering Boom Trucks, Cranes, Riggers and More

We are pleased to provide South West Nova Scotia with the largest boom truck. Elliott’s 32117 boom truck features a 32-ton lifting capacity, 117 telescopic boom, and a front mounted turret with operator console, allowing for optimum vision and a 360 load chart. This includes:

Technical Specs

Lifting Capacity 64,000 lbs/29,030 kg

Boom Length 117’/35.6m

Outrigger Type Out-Down

Outrigger Spread 20’/6m

*Load Chart

boom crane truck

Our specialized equipment includes: 

• Pallet forks
• Cement/gravel bucket
• Barrier grab
• Barrel lifter
• Pinned manbasket

All equipment is maintained in accordance to manufacturers’ recommendations and those regulated by the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act. Yearly crane certifications are kept in each unit for verification in addition to daily logs. We offer South West Nova Scotia’s only tractor mount boom truck. The National 500E boom truck offers a 18-ton lifting capacity, 60ft telescopic book and the ability to haul a 48’ step deck for those of you who have a load to carry.

Technical Specs

Lifting Capacity 36,000 lbs

Boom Length 60’

Boom Height 70’

Outrigger Type ‘A’ Frame

Outrigger Spread 20.25 ft

* Load Chart

large rear swing truck

Our latest addition to our fleet is a 30-103S Rear Mount swing cab. This unit has a full 360 load chart with continuous rotation, making this an excellent unit for steel erection.

Technical Specs

Lifting Capacity 60,000 lbs/27,215 kg

Boom Length 103 ft/31.4 m

Max Sheave Height 113 ft/34.4m

Outrigger Type Out/Down

Outrigger Spread Full 24 ft/7.3m

Outrigger Spread Midspan 15.75 ft/4.8 m

Outrigger Spread Short Span 8.17 ft/2.5 m

30/103 rear mount swing

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